Steve Green (stevegreen) wrote in taff2011,
Steve Green

TAFF 2011: Update

Talk about going from one extreme to the other. This morning, we had one candidate for the 2011 westward TAFF race to the Reno Worldcon; as of midnight, we have three, plus a possible fourth. Those who have publically thrown their hats into the ring are John Coxon (johncoxon), Paul Treadaway (unwholesome_fen) and Graham Charnock; I'll hold off announcing the other name until it becomes public knowledge. If all of them go ahead, it would be the first four-way race since 2008 and the first such featuring European candidates since 1993.

Edit: As of 3:15am, both John and Graham had all five nominations in place, whilst Paul had two of his (with the offer of a third).

Tags: taff, transatlantic fan fund

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